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SERVICES DMP Racing is a full service automotive facility, specializing in late model Ford performance, and Chrysler and GM as of late. From maintaining your mild grocery getter to building an all-out tire shredding drag race machine, the DMP staff can handle it. Most notably known for their expert tuning and custom performance powertrains, the DMP business is growing everyday. DMP is a member of the BBB, the BAR, various other automotive associations and communities, has ASE certified staff, and have multiple certifications ensuring your vehicle will be repaired or built properly and with great pride. Here is a list of services provided by DMP: Tuning Custom Built Powertrains Suspension and Steering Gears, Axles, and Rear-ends Wiring, Charging, and Electrical Brakes, Wheels, and Tires A/C and Heating systems Intakes and Exhaust Maintenance Towing TUNING: The DMP staff is not only trained by professionals, but also multi-certified to ensure your EFI controlled automobile is calibrated/tuned properly. With expeirence in both stand alone aftermarket and OEM computers Dante and staff will properly calibrate your vehicle so it is safe, has great drivability, and makes plenty of power. Here are some of the brands of software DMP is familiar with: Motec WinTec FAST AEM Sniper Diablo SCT DMP's Mustang MD-1100 eddy current load bearing dynamometer assures the proper load will be placed on all types of vehicles so they can correctly tune. Do not trust those other inertia dynos that are all based on a single motorcycles manufacturers power output specs. DMP's Mustang dyno is an above ground dynamometer aided by a Rotary 4 post lift. This enables all types of vehicles to be secured safely and properly. Pricing can vary greatly, however the base price for tuning an OEM computer controlled vehicle will range from $300-500 depending on your application. If you would like an estimate or have any questions, feel free to give the staff a call and please have as much of the following information you can obtain available: Full name: Phone number: Email address: Vehicle year Vehicle make Vehicle model Engine displacement: Engine compression ratio: Cam specifications: Auto/Manual Transmission: OEM PCM or aftermarket EFI controller: PCM code or EFI brand/model: Speed density or MAF: Power adder: (s/c, turbo, or N2o) Boost/N2o amount: Cold air intake: Throttle body size: Injector brand and size: Fuel pump and pressure amount: Fuel type or octane rating: Ignition: Exhaust: (extra bungs welded in?) Tire Brand and Size: Rear-end gear ratio: EGR/PCV/PATS/IMRC: Idle and rev limiter: Custom Powertrains: Engines: DMP no longer offers base engine combinations. DMP believes in building custom engines specifically designed for you and your vehicles needs. Whether that be rebuilding your factory daily driver or building a big inch high octane racing powertrain, Dante and staff will create a custom engine plan with you so you get exactly what you need and want. Transmissions: DMP is a Ford transmission specialist shop. Mostly known for their indestructible top of the line 4r100's, (for both diesel and gas applications), he has gained an astonishing rapport with the high performance community. Please see the products section for more information on these transmissions. Towing: DMP works in conjunction with several tow companies and facitlies and can arrange for a flat-bed tow truck to safely and securely haul your pride and joy to their establishment or depending on vehicle size can haul it in their own 24' Enclosed Haulmark custom trailer, (see gallery).